Info for Editors

If you’re a top broadcast editor and want to work on some of the best programmes on offer, hand over the admin or develop your client base, please get in touch. We’re always in the market for talent and offer unprecedented support for freelance editors. With over seventy years of combined post production experience, we have strength in depth together with the resources and experience to back it up. We are in the business of developing careers so you’ll never find us shoving you into a job just to make up the numbers. Our bookings team are always on call so you’ll never miss an opportunity.

If you’d like a completely confidential chat to discuss representation give Tasha Carpenter Ballard a bell on 020 8746 2060 or email


Info for Junior Editors

No-one ever said becoming an editor was going to be easy. Having kissed goodbye to your social life, evenings and weekends, it can be a lonely struggle trying to make it to the top. At Independent Post we know just how difficult the transition from assistant to editor can be, but we have a proven record in helping people achieve their long term ambitions.

A lot of the work that comes in for our Junior Editors is initially assisting based, but often there comes a time when we get the opportunity to push our Junior Editors to the forefront and give them the break they’ve been waiting for. We expect nothing but the best from our Junior Editors and in return we provide it, as well as a personal service that we pride ourselves on. So if you’re willing to put everything into progressing your career, so are we.

If you have a solid background in broadcast and are considering making the leap from facility to freelance then call Louise on 020 8746 2060.