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  • Buccaneer Media: Desi Rascals
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  • Origin Pictures: What We Did On Our Holiday
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  • Tip Top TV: Engineering For The Weather: ‘Chicago’

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  • Furneaux & Edgar Productions: The French Revolution: Tearing Up History, Treblinka: Inside Hitler’s Secret Death Camp
  • Pilot Productions: Globe Trekker: Central Asia - Uzbekistan & Kirghistan, Tough Trains: ‘Across Bolivia- From Pantanal to the Pacific’
  • Clear Story Ltd.: The Campaign For Real Sex: Sex Box

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  • TVC Soho: Can We Trust The Police?
  • Fulwell 73: Gary Barlow: On Her Majesty's Service
  • What Larks!: A Beautiful Thing, Arts And Graft: The Genius Of Josiah Wedgwood, Narnia’s Lost Poet: The Secret Lives And Loves of C.S. Lewis

  • STV: Catchphrase, Laid, Let Me Entertain You, The Link
  • Studio Of Fools: Anti Social Network
  • McKinnon Films: Bayt Abdullah: A Place To Play
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  • Yellow Duck: Coming Home
  • Talkback: @elevenish, Glichy, Lemon La Vida Loca, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Staying In With Greg & Russell, Sweat The Small Stuff, Through The Keyhole
  • Zig Zag: American Gold, Arnie's Greatest Ever Stunts, Blink 2, British Treasure, Close Up Kings, Cunning Stunts, Russell & Ross: What the F*** Was All That About?, anny Dyer’s Deadliest Men, I'm A Celebrity: Who Really Won?, It’s All About Amy, Madonna & Guy: Where Did It All Go Wrong?, My Child’s A Monkey, Olympics' Most Amazing Moments, Scam City, Super Agents, Relentless, The Inside Man, The Cheryl Cole Factor, The World’s Smallest Girl, Too Fat To Fly, Restaurant In Your Home, Troy, Ultimate Brain
  • Zeitegeist: I Am Spazticus
  • Wild Card: Sharia Street, Make Me A Christian
  • Wide Eyed Entertainment: Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Titanoboa : Monster Snake
  • Whizz Kid: BBQ Champ, Ex On The Beach, Help! I’ve Got A High Maintenance…, Lip Synch Battle UK, Nokia Green Room, Prank Pad, Stand Up To Cancer, Timeline
  • Watershed TV: A Very British Ramadan, Show Me What You’re Made Of
  • Warp Films: Privado
  • Wall To Wall: Against all Odds, Back In Time For The Weekend, Child Genius, Child Genius Series 2, Drugs Inc., The First Heart Transplant, Surviving the Future, Britain’s Hidden Genius, Dispatches: The True Cost Of Cheap Food, Dispatches: Don’t Bank On The Bail Out, Dispatches: The Big Job Hunt, Dispatches: Bankers, King Of Coke, Long Lost Family, Time Crashers, The Voice, The Voice LOUDER, Victorian Bakers, Wanted: A Family Of My Own, UK’s Best Part Time Band, Underworld Inc.
  • Wag TV: Combat Dealers, How Do They Do It, Kings of Construction, How Do They Do It?, What On Earth, NASA’s Unexplained Files
  • Visual Voodoo: Dumb Foreigners
  • Vera: Bremner, Bird & Fortune, Getting On, Going Forward, Rory Bremner
    Who Else, Bremner, Bird & Fortune: Silly Money

  • Vanity Projects: Russell Brand’s Ponderland, Russell Brand: Scandalous
  • UMTV: 18 Stone of Idiot, Red Bull Soapbox Race
  • TWI: Miss World
  • Twenty Twenty Television: All Work, Low Pay: Inside Britain’s Low Wage Jobs, Eurotrash, First Dates, Bad Lads Army, Bad Lads Army: Officer Class, Benefits Britain 1949, Brat Camp, Children In Need: Gareth Malone’s All-Star Choir, Gareth’s Invictus Special, The Choir, Gareth Goes to Glyndebourne, How Not To Get Old, Lifesavers, Miracle Hunter, My Transsexual Summer, Never Did Me Any Harm, The Factory, The Naked Choir, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, That’ll Teach Em', World’s Strictest Parents, Strictly High School, Style Rocks, The Restaurateur, The Restaurant Man, Tom & Barney’s Excellent Inventions, World’s Strictest Parents, Zaatari Refugee Camp

  • True North: True North
  • Transparent TV: Botched Up Bodies, Celeb Botched Up Bodies, Great Northern Cookbook, The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off
  • Touch Productions: Angela’s Dying Wish, Extraordinary People, Separating Twins
  • Tigress Productions: Africa: Countdown To The Rains, Going Ape, RSPCA: On The Frontline, RSPCA: Have You Got What It Takes?, SSPCA, Scottish SPCA, Wild Animal Reunion
  • Tiger Aspect: Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad, Bad Education, The Catherine Tate Show, Chaos at The Chateau, Cook Yourself Thin, Diet Doctors, Drunk History, Fry & Laurie: Reunited, GimmeGimmeGimme, Graveyard Detectives, Great Garden Detectives, Harry Enfield and Chums, Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, The Home Show, Just For Laughs, The Lenny Henry Show, Make Me a Supermodel, Man Like Mobeen, Men In White, Mr. Bean, My Pet Shame, Murder In Successville, Pickford’s, Ross Kemp on Gangs, Streetmate, Vicar Of Dibley, The Home Show, The Manor, Justin Lee Collins: On A Mission, Paul Merton Does Europe, State Of The Arts
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  • The Gardens Productions: 10,000 BC, 24 Hours In A&E, 24 Hours In Custody, Hotel India, How To Find Love Online, Inside Rolls Royce & The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles, Marry Me?, On The Buses, The Motorway, The Audience, How To Find Love Online
  • Two Four: 24 Hours With…, A Short History Of Everything Else, Alex Polizzi - The Fixer, Be Your Own Boss, Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, Big Chef Takes On Little Chef, Built From Disaster, Chelsea Flower Show, Choccywoccydoodah: Starstruck, Cooks’ Question Time, Drive, Educating The East End, Educating.. What I Wished I’d Known, Educating Yorkshire One Year On, Eternal Glory, First Cut, First Great Western, Get Me to the Church, Hidden Camera, Holiday Home Sweet Home, My Kidney & Me, My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham, Noels HQ, Pole Dancing Diaries, Tasty Travels With Lynda Bellingham, Storage Hoarders, This Time Next Year, The Diner, The Exclusives, The Hotel Inspector Returns, The Jump, The Magaluf Weekender, The Real Marigold Hotel, The Resort, The Secret Interview, Under Age & On The Stage, Ty’s Street Army, Real Crime: Hannah Foster, Royal Marines Commando School, Royal Navy School, Operation, Splash, Vice Squad, What Happened Next?

  • ZKK: Diary Of An 8 Year Old Anorexic
  • Zeppotron: Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe, Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe, Let’s Play Darts For Comic Relief, 8 Out of Ten Cats Does Countdown
  • Zeal TV: Sushi
  • Yorkshire TV: New Statesman
  • World Of Wonder: Rock Around The Block, Self Portraits: 3 Minute Wonders
  • Yalli Productions: Impractical Jokers, Love Fix, Who Gets Nothing?
  • World Media Rights: Air Crash Confidential, Ancient Assassins, Narrow Escapes
  • Windfall Films: Animals Inside Out, Born In The Wild, Countdown To Collision, Crossrail, Drones, Massive Moves, Ocean Masters, Railroad Alaska, Strip The City, The Wonder Of Dogs
  • Wild Rover Productions: Dara O’Brian: School Of Hard Sums, Secret Fortune
  • Wild Pictures: Abducted, Kids Behind Bars, The Zoo
  • Wildfire TV Ltd.: Walking Through History, Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan
  • Sunset & Vine: UK School Games
  • Summer Films: Danger Hunters, Fear Junkies, My Shocking Story, Gethin Jones' Danger Hunters, The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay, My Shocking Story: Albinism
  • Studio Lambert: Britain's Best Council House, Britain's Weirdest Council House, Four In A Bed, Girlfri3nds, Gogglebox, Gogglesprogs, How To Get a Council House, Ibiza Calling, Living With The Jacksons, My Life In Your Hands, Seven Days,Tattoo Fixers, Three,Three in a Bed, The Almost Impossible Game Show, The Insider, The Great Interior Design Challenge, Situation Vacant, The Wildlife
  • Steadfast: Brit Cops, Frontline Cops, Salvage Code Red, The Connors, Send In The Dogs
  • Spungold: 12 Years Old & Caring For Mum:Through A Child’s Eyes, Back In The Saddle, Benefits by the sea: Jaywick, Britain's Best Gardens, Capability Found, Get Baking With Paul Hollywood, Paul Hollywood’s Pie’s And Puds, Kids Who Kill, Love Your Garden, Totally Viral

  • Splash Media: Generation Game Retrospective, Sweet Baby James, Underdogs
  • Spitting Image: Spitting Image
  • SO TV: Sorry I’ve Got No Head
  • Silver River: Ann Maurice: Interior Rivalry, Antiques Uncovered, Confessions Of A… ‘Copper’, Confessions Of A… ‘Doctor’, E4 School of Performing Arts, Full House, How To Grow Your Own Drugs, Hidden Talent, Just Shoot Me, The Mission, Nick & Margaret: Immigration – Gain Or Drain?, Respectable, Twiggy’s Fashion Trade, Oops TV, I’m Running Sainsbury’s, Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour, The Biggest Loser, The Big Allotment Challenge, The Good Life, The Town That Never Retired
  • Shine Ltd.: 100 Greatest Cartoons, 100 Most Annoying Pop Songs, 101 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments, 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment, 100 Top Tearjerkers, A-Z of Gladiators, Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet, Brad & Angelina: A Fatal Attraction, Family Cook Off, Britain’s Best Bakery, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Mingers, Celebrities on Heat, Celebrity Masterchef, Masterchef Australia, Clothes Show, Council House Crack Down, Don’t Move Improve, Gladiators Online, The History Of Light Entertainment, Head For Heights, Hunted, Is She Really Going Out with Him?, Jews At Ten, Junior Masterchef, Karaoke Nights, Most Annoying Couples 2008, Musicool, My Life In Books, Made Over By, Pay Off Your Mortgage in 1 Year, Project Catwalk, Shocking Celebrity Moments of the Noughties, Sin City, Unofficial World Records Of Sex, The Triplets Are Coming, The Worst Songs Ever, Je Suis Un Rockstar , Masterchef: The Professionals, The Magicians, The Biggest Loser, The Island With Bear Grylls Series 1 & 2, The Town That Danced Again, Vertigo Road Trip, World Class Bartender Of The Year 2013, The Force: Essex

  • Shed Productions: Dinner Times, Footballers Wives TV, The Hoarder Next Door
  • Shazam Productions: Green Green Grass
  • Sharpjack Media: Good Funeral Awards
  • September Films: 650-lb Virgin: The Weight Is Over, Hollywood Now, Soldiers Trophy Photos, Children’s Rescue
  • Seneca: Civilisation
  • Second in Command Productions, LLC: Veep WINNER of 65th Annual ACE Eddie Awards- Best Edited Half-Hour Series For Television (Anthony Boys, Series 3)
  • Scream Films: Best Man’s Speech, China’s Tallest Girl, The Chosen One
  • Scarlet Productions: Christina Aguilera – Stripped in London, Lionel Richie Live, Loreena Mckennitt, Westlife Live In Stockholm, R.E.M. The Perfect Square
  • Salt Beef TV: Friday Download
  • Running Bare Pictures: The Morgana Show, Ross Lee’s Ghoulies
  • Ruggie Media: Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns, Extreme Makeover, Jade’s PA, Most Haunted
  • Roughcut TV: Bamboo, Cuckoo, I Live With Models, People Just Do Nothing, Stath, Top Coppers, Worlds Craziest Fools
  • Rockhopper: Kill or Cure, Vaccine Hunters, Who’s Afraid of HIV?, Rania: The You Tube Queen, What A Waste
  • Rize USA: The Alps Murders, Baby With Two Heads, Got What It Takes, High School Moms, Kings Of Trains, The Billion Pound Hotel
  • Rival Media: Band From School, Big Wave Bootcamp, Power Struggle, Rooftop Rainforest
  • Ricochet Ltd: Andrew Marr’s Metropolis, To B&B the Best, Bossman’s Holiday, Britain’s Empty Homes, Danger Women, Food Unwrapped, Extreme Andes, Extreme Dreams, It’s Me Or The Dog, Living In The Sun, Monty Don’s Real Craft, My Child Won’t Eat, No Going Back, Open House, Risking It All, Sex Court, Supernanny, The Bachelor, Who Rules the Roost, The Real Swiss Family Robinson, Stacey Dooley Investigates, Cowboy Builders
  • Retort: The IT Crowd Manual, The Revolting World Of Stanley Brown
  • Renegade Pictures: Bigger Than Britney, Brits On The Piste, Celebrity Wedding Planner, Cherry Healey: Like A Virgin, Conspiracy Road Trip, Don’t Tell The Bride, Fear Of Flying: Caught On Camera, Groomed, Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial, Inside Bodies, Jackie Green : Transsexual Teen Beauty Queen, The Proposal, None Of The Above, Mad About The House, The Seven Ages of Drinking, Weight For Love, World’s Most Talented
  • Remedy Productions: 15 To One, NME Awards, Paul Gets Hinduism, MTV Best Selling Singles of the Year, MTV Essentials, Peaches Gets Islam, Penguin A&E, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Surgery
  • Reef TV: Disappearing Britain,French Collection, Homes & Property, Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes, The Peoples Museum, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb, Sun Sea & Bargain Spotting, Uncharted Territory, God’s Millions, Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is
  • Red House TV: A Very Rise Hall Christmas, Best House On The Street, Double Your House For Half The Money
  • Redback Films: Ladyboys
  • RDF Media: Beauty Queen Or Bust, The Boss Is Coming to Dinner, Britain’s Brightest, Britain’s Most Spectacular Backyard Builds, Crazy Beaches, Don’t Forget The Lyrics, Eat Well For Less, Escape From Scorpion Island, Faking It, Fight Back Britain, Great Ocean Adventures, Holiday Rescue, Home Abroad, How to be a Property Developer, Humble Pie, Million Pound Properties, Mine Kings, My Giant Animal, Perfect Housewives, The Outsiders With Darren McMullen, The Protestant Revolution, Tipping Point, Secrets Of The Pickpockets Abroad, Shipwrecked, Scrappy Races, Scrapheap, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, Genius of Britain, Challenge, Secrets Of The Fitting Room, Secret Millionaire, Terry Wogan’s Perfect Recall, Undercover Angel
  • Raw TV: Battlefront, Cutting Edge: Gigolos, Deadly Seas, Free Ride, Getting Out Alive, Gold Rush, Homestead Rescue, Jungle Gold, Love The Way You Lie, Trouble in Paradise, Disaster Eyewitness, Locked Up Abroad, Siberian Cut, Women in Prison

  • Radar TV: Christian O’Connell’s Sunday Service, Cooking It
  • Quicksilver Media: The Death Squads, Dispatches: Terror In Mumbai, Dispatches, This World: ‘Clothes To Die For’, Unreported World
  • Prospect Pictures: Good Food Live, Brilliant Britain, The Tallest Tower : Building The Shard
  • Prism Entertainment: Life Bytes
  • Princess Productions: Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew, Be Beautiful, Brass Band Wonderland, Bump & Grind, Date My Mom, The Christmas Window Live, The Deadly Knowledge Show, The Farm, The Fashion Show, Friday Night Project, Generation Sex, Got To Dance, High School Dance,The Island with Bear Grills, Jewish Mum Of The Year, Little Monsters, Live With Gabby, Love Machine: Love Bites, OAP Internet Virgins, Orange Unsigned Act, Sing Date, Sunday Brunch, The Johnny & Inel Show, The Love Machine, Mel & Sue, The Saturday Show, The TV Show, The Superhumans Show, Undressed

  • Plum Pictures: Amazing Spaces, Flintoff: Freddie Fries Again, Going Wild With The Joneses, Indiana: Teens Behind Bars, Micro Designs, The Secret Caribbean with Trevor McDonald, Secret Caribbean, James May’s Toy Stories, Madeley Meets The Squatters, Micro Designs
  • Pozzitive: Comic Side Of 7 Days, Dinner Ladies, Six Sides Of Steve Coogan
  • Pioneer Productions: Great British Weather, How The Earth Was Made, Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin, In the Womb: Twins, Into North America, Mail Order Murder, Naked Science: Asteroids, Naked Science, Miracles In The Womb, Nova: Storm That Drowned a City, Tycoon Toys, The Wave That Shook The World, In the Womb: Twins, Generation Sex, Raging Planet: Avalanches, Secrets Of Britain:
    ‘Secrets Of Westminster', Strangest Weather On Earth, Superstorm 2012, UFO UK : New Evidence, What’s Wrong With Our Weather?:‘Cold’, Worlds Most Extreme Homes

  • Phil McIntyre Television LTD: Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, Dynamo Revealed, Monty Python: The Meaning of Live
  • Pett Productions: Celebrity Dog School
  • Pacific Films: Barefoot Contessa, Ching’s Kitchen, Healthy Appetite, Nigella Express, Nigella Feasts, Siba’s Table Series 2, The Pioneer Woman
  • Original Productions: Ibiza, The North Sea
  • Outline Productions: Allegra McEvedy’s Turkish Delight, Baby School, Born On…, Dumped, Emergency With Angela Griffin, Fat Family Tree, Great British Food Revival, Great British Garden Revival, Health Freaks, The Home Front, Living With Jade, Economy Gastronomy, United Cakes Of America
  • Optomen: Allegra McEvedy's Turkish Delight, Britain’s Shoppers, Employable Me, Feast with Heston Blumenthal, The F Word, Food Poker, Gordon Behind Bars, Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course: 100 Recipes To Stake Your Life On, Gordon Ramsey: Cookalong Live, Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escapes, Great British Menu, Great Christmas Menu, Hotel GB, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Kitchen Criminals, Market Kitchen, Mary Queen of Shops, What To Eat Now, What Have I Got?, What Would Be Your Miracle
  • Open Mike: Alan Carr Chatty Man, All New Comedy Store, Last Leg Goes Down Under, Rich Hall’s Cattle Drive
  • One Ten: The Last Word
  • Olga TV: The Paul O’Grady Show
  • October Films: 10 Ways to Kill Bin Laden, Barbarians Rising, Caribbean Cops, Deadly Dilemmas, Dispatches, First Heartbeat, Hunting Hitler’s Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men, Motorheads, Outrageous Acts of Science, Rude Tube, Shannon Matthews: The Family’s Story, Spring Cleaning Watch, Trailblazers, My Flat-Pack Home, Walking The Himalayas, You Have Been Warned,

  • Objective Productions: Bad Robots, Balls of Steel, Big Bad World, Breaking Magic, Britain’s Favourite Double Acts, Celebrity Bedlam, Control Freaks, Convention Crasher, Death Wish Live, Derren Brown: Apocalypse, Derren Brown’s Russian Roulette, Dirty Tricks, The Fame List, Fresh Meat, Gordon Behind Bars, Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course: 100 Recipes To Stake Your Life On, Great British Menu, Honey I Bought The House, Katherine Mills: Mind Games, King Of The Nerds, People Watchers, Rajan and his Evil Hypnotists, The Real Hustle Series, The Kevin Bishop Show, May The Best Man Win, Meet The Parents, Mind Blowers, The Mad Bad Ad World, Most Shocking Celebrity Moments, One Man & His Shed, Pete vs Life, Public Eye, Saturday Cookbook, Strutter, That’s So Last Century, Toast Series 1 & 2, Tonightly, Passport to Love, The Cube, Don’t Get Screwed, The New Talent Industry, Tool Academy, Don’t Get Screwed, Gastronuts, The Hairy Dieters, TV’s Greatest Detectives, Perfect, Secret Princes, Witless
  • Nutopia: Great Britain : Our Story, Mankind : The Story Of All Of Us, Millionaire Made Here, The 80’s : The Decade That Made Us, Siege In The Sahara
  • North One Television: Austin Healy’s Rugby Nightmares, Comedian’s Comedian, Four Of A Kind, The Curse of Reality TV, Goals Goals Goals, The Interviews, Jim’ll Fix It, My Little Soldier, Operation Homefront, Richard Ayoade: Gadget Man, Ross Noble: Freewheeeling, Totally Boyband, The Two Ronnies Spectacle
  • Nobles Gate: Who is The Real Jennifer Lopez?
  • Murmur Productions: Frock Me with TK Maxx
  • MTV: MTV Diary, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV The Lick, Making the Video, MTV News, Oxygen Festival, Pimp My Ride, MTV Screenplay, Totally Scott Lee
  • Moonbeam Films: The Listening Post
  • Monkey Kingdom: Best Friend Rehab, The Charlotte Church Show, Comedy Lab – Devvo, Comedy Lab – Transmission Improbable, The Curse of Superman, Fist of Zen, First Time Farmers, Girls Aloud: Off the Record, High School Dance, Made In Chelsea, Party On, Sound, Real Housewives of Cheshire, Summer Daze, Young Farmers
  • Mentorn TV: A Very British Appeal: 50 Years Of The D.E.C, Baby Psychic, Baby Wears Prada, Blaired Vision, Boudica Revealed, Britain's Worst Pet, Britain's Worst Chef, Britain's Worst Teenager, Britain's Worst Wife, Credit Crunch Monty, Dangerous Adventures for Boys, Freshers, Greggs: More Than Meats The Pie, Hotel Of Mum And Dad Series 1 & 2, Hot and Dangerous, John Torode’s Australia, The Insider, Make You Laugh Out Loud, Oil Riggers, Oil, Sweat & Rigs, Paradise Hotel, Take My Mother in Law, The Batman Shootings, The Big Movie Singalong, The Fried Chicken Shop, Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs, Traffic Cops, Sex Lies And Online Affairs, Superstorm USA: Caught On Camera, Why the Arabs Hate the West, Wildcatters, Young & Married
  • Media Trust: What Science Can Do For Me
  • Maverick TV: Billy Connolly’s Route 66, The Buying Game, Every Wonder, How To Look Good Naked, Karl Pilkington’s Seven Wonders Of The World, Living Dangerously, Old School, Operation OUCH!, The You Generation, Your Style In His Hands
  • Magnum Media Ltd: Ben Earl: Trick Artist, Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, Man vs Expert, Watson & Oliver
  • LWT: Highland Emergency
  • Lucky Day TV: School Of Silence, Miss Hoo Ha’s School Of Silence
  • Love Productions: The Baby Borrowers, Bake off Crème de la Crème, Benefits Street, Big Top Moments. DIY, Britain’s Missing Top Model, Cirque De Celebrity, Famous, Rich & Hungry,Comic Relief’s Great British Bake Off, Great British Bake Off, Filthy Rich & Homeless, Great British Sewing Bee, For The Love Of Cars, Girls & Boys, Junior Bake Off, Single Mums On A Mission, Teen Towns, The Wager, True Stories, Famous Rich & Homeless, Virgin Cooks, Young, Autistic & Stagestruck, Young Mum’s Mansion, My Big Decision, Warwick's Homegrown Holidays
  • Lime Pictures: Educating Joey Essex, Geordie Shore, Life On Marbs, Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights, The Only Way Is Essex, The Only Way Is Marbs, Young Free And Single
  • Left Bank Pictures:: Cardinal Burns
  • Knickerbockerglory LTD: GPs:Behind Closed Doors, Jodie Marsh: Bodybuilder, Jodie Marsh: Brawn In The USA, Jodie Marsh: Mail Order Brides, Jodie Marsh: Unplastic Me, Online And Lying, Polterguest, Stage School, South Side Story, The Surgery: Medicating Lewisham, Twin Towns
  • Keo Films: A Brief History Of Love, A Garden In Time ‘Biddulph Grange’ & ‘Nymans’, Bangkok Airport, Eat, Drink, Cook, China, Hugh’s War On Waste, The Men Who Made the Weather, Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Island Feast, Panorama, The Ladykillers, The Unit, The Men Who Made the Weather Website, Welcome To Bradford, Welcome To India
  • Ja Digital: School For Stars
  • In The Loops Productions: In The Loop
  • IWC Media: Extreme Fishing With Robson Green, Half Built House, Leap For Freedom, Mission Implausible, My Little Princess, The C Word, The Motor Show, Rory & Paddy’s Great British Adventure, Science Of Stupid, Ultimate Hellraisers, Wild Things
  • ITN Factual: 100 Greatest Stand Up Comedians, Car Crash Britain Caught On Camera, Fame Unwrapped, Flight 370, How Safe Are Our Planes?, Killer Instinct Series 1 + 2, Megastorm: World's Biggest Typhoon, Law & Disorder: Catching Criminals Live, Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished, The Missing Links, The Secret Life Of Pets, On Assignment, Prince Charles Obituary, Road To Rio, Seven Days In Boston, Tonight, Young Vets, Undercover The Big Sting

  • Hot Sauce: It's Xmas with Jonathan Ross, Japanorama, Lucha Britannia, Stop! Kung Fu
    Impossible Pictures: Natural Wonders

  • Hat Trick Productions: The Armstrong & Miller Show, Ballott Monkeys, Boomers, Celebrity Dinner Date, Clive Anderson All Talk, Clive Anderson Talks Back, Drop The Dead Donkey, Dinner Date, Episodes, Fonejacker, Facejacker, Father Ted, Great Night Out, Guantanamo Phil, Have I Got News For You, He's Having a Baby, Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword of Fire, News Knight, Outnumbered, Semi-Detached, Some Girls Series 1-3, The 12 Drinks Of Christmas, The Jury, The Kumars at No. 42, Room 101, The Revolution Will Be Televised, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Worst Week of My Life, Worst Xmas of My Life

  • Hard Cash Productions: Dispatches: Mum, Dad, Alzheimer’s & Me
  • Hartswood Films: Carrie & Barry, Coupling, Edge Of Heaven, Men Behaving Badly, The Cup
  • Hamma & Glamma: New British Kitchen
  • Gogglebox Entertainment: Breakaway, Mirror Mirror, Plain Jane, Release The Hounds
  • Ginger: Love, Life & Prisons, Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie, Mongol Rally, Shooting Britney
  • Granada Media: Living With Jade Goody
  • Gallowgate Studios LTD: That Hidden Camera Family
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  • Fulcrum: My Famous Family
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  • Baby Cow: The Abbey, Hunderby, Stuck
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  • Associated Rediffusion: History of The Premiership, Legends: The Dankworths, Tin Sandwich Anyone?, A History of the Harmonica

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